The Pro Audio Files Release ‘Mastering In The Box’ The Pro Audio Files Release ‘Mastering In The Box’
The Pro Audio Files Release ‘Mastering In The Box’
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New Video Explores Mastering 'In The Box'

We’re digging this new video from education slangers, ‘The Pro Audio Files’. It’s a comprehensive course that will help all the producers out there who don’t have racks of mastering grade hardware to polish up their productions. ITB (or In The Box) engineering has become ever more credible with each passing year as computers get more powerful and plugins follow suit. In fact, it’s not uncommon for mix engineers to be working 100% ITB with producers like Charles Dye, Andrew Scheps and Serban Ghenea leading the way and lending much credibility to the art for the rest of us. Coming in to this course it’s good to understand the fundamentals

of processing (compression, EQ, general dynamics etc) and you will really get a lot out of it. Don’t expect a blow by blow white paper on how to micro adjust every control and get a perfect sound. DO however, expect an easily digestible body of knowledge that will show you a realistic and high quality plugin setup and offer excellent and succinct evaluations and advice on what and why. This is largely untrodden territory with respect to ITB (which many consider to be anathema) so it will be comforting for many to see familiar processors being used and to know why they are worthy of mastering duties. All in all, a very satisfying watch.

The Pro Mastering Files ‘Mastering ITB’ is a solid but worthwhile purchase at $69.00 USD.  Check this link to purchase or find out more.

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