Maschine Mk 3 & Kontrol Mk 2 Available for Pre-Order Maschine Mk 3 & Kontrol Mk 2 Available for Pre-Order
Maschine Mk 3 & Kontrol Mk 2 Available for Pre-Order
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Maschine & Komplete Kontrol Get Major Updates

Native Instruments have this morning made the new Maschine Mk 3 and Komplete Kontrol Mk 2 available for pre-order. Showcasing stunning, euro-centric design these heavily updated midi controllers make a very bold visual statement. Komplete Kontrol Mk 2 has numerous updates including an seventeen new function buttons which addresses an issue that we’ve heard much grumbling about over the past couple of years. Also present are a gorgeous pair of brand new hi-res screens that take the Kontrol to a

whole new level. Instead of being available simply for browsing like the previous version NI have injected some of the Maschine spirit into the Mk 2 as you can now mix and edit projects directly from the keyboard. Another great improvement for players is the appearance of real pitch and mod wheels whilst the inappropriately used touch strip from the Mk 1 has now been correctly re-assigned (horizontally) as an expression strip (think of the classic Alesis Andromeda).

The Super-intuitive Maschine Sampler

For Maschine users jealous of the flagship ‘Studio’ unit, the brand new, hi-res, dual full color screens should make a big difference as should the appearance of more dedicated function buttons. This is a huge plus as the whole SHIFT+ thing was a real impediment to the free spirited vibe of the original units. Perhaps the biggest upgrade though, is the 24bit, 96kHz audio card that has been incorporated into the sleek new design. This is something that users have been begging for since day one and makes the Mk 3 a far better travel companion.

Much improved connectivity and a 96kHz audio interface make the Mk 3 a better studio centerpiece for producers 

Pricing and Availabilty

Maschine Mk 3, Komplete Kontrol S49,​​and​​ Komplete Kontrol S61​​ will​​ be available​​ from​​ Native Instruments’​​ online​​ store ​​and ​at physical r​etailers​ f​rom​​ October​​ 5th ,​​ 2017. ​​All​ t​hree​​ units​​ are available ​​for ​​pre-order​ as of​​ today (September ​​7th).

Pre-order Maschine Mk 3 ​​from here.​​

Pre-order Komplete Kontrol S49 & S69 ​​from here.​​

**Pricing ​r​emains​ t​he​​ same ​​as previous​​ versions ​i​n ​​all​​ markets.


$599 USD


$599 USD


$699 USD

Watch this space for further updates and an APN review

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