AAS Objeq Delay Review AAS Objeq Delay Review
Applied Acoustics (AAS) have really done something quite unique with their release of the modeling based Objeq Delay plug-in. AAS Objeq Delay Review 4
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Objeq of Affection

Applied Acoustics (AAS) have really done something quite unique with their release of the modeling based Objeq Delay plug-in. Since I am a self confessed delay fanatic and relish the opportunity to take a rather dry production and go into shoegazer land or add texture and dimension to tracks this plug-in does not disappoint! In fact this delay processor marries a powerful filter section 

along with unique, object based models i.e. (Harp, Drumhead, String, Plate) giving it the ability of having a rack of something like Soundtoys Echoboy+Filter-Freak with a few characteristics you might find  in NI’s Absynth. All these features mean the Objeq Delay packs quite a wallop.

In Use

As previously mentioned the Objeq Delay uses “object” based models to filter the dry input signal as an acoustic resonance filter to change the tone and timbre of the delay effect. This puts Objeq in it’s own, unique category. Within the Object Section you can control Frequency, Decay, Material; how the decay effects the lower or higher partials of the fundamental and Formant; emphasis on a specific band of frequencies. This effect can be use in subtle form or wildly making the most mundane sounds an experiment in sound design. I would also like to highlight some of the other sections which are more than worth an honorable mention.


The Filter section or module is also quite powerful and can be used in conjunction with the Object section as another Filter layer to create everything for very percussive attacks to muted but big and fat sounds. Giving the combination the ability to completely mangle loops or samples.


The LFO section creates rich sounding chorus and flange modulations, and you have the option to change the waveform from Sine, Saw Square or Random and Random Ramp.

Oh yeah, and the delay section in the plug-in is pretty spectacular as well! The Objeq is a true stereo delay providing 2 channels (Left+Right). Each channel has two delay lines which can be set to their own value or work in tandem in order to create unique rhythmic effects. The first line provides a simple delay while the second works as a feedback loop for echoes ranging from subtle to infinite. Both lines feed into a 6db -/+ (high cut/low cut filter). There are also options for host sync, ping-pong, ghost notes and comb filtering to name a few.


On top of everything else you have highly a usable library of presets which are aptly named i.e. Rhythmic Loop Manglers to Snare Track Enhancers.


The beauty of the Objeq Delay is although it can turn a mix on it’s head with the how powerful a production tool it can become, it also does the small track enhancements quite nicely. It is my opinion that not many delay plug-ins pull this off well within a mix either because the repeats get too muddied or they don’t sit well in context. The Objeq Delay sits well and is as clear as a bell in the smallest of changes, which speaks to its fidelity. To me that’s a huge deal.

The Objeq Delay sits well and is clear as a bell in the smallest of changes, which speaks to its fidelity. To me that’s a huge deal.

Price and Availability

The AAS Objeq Delay is normally available for $139.99 USD | €125.42 EUR but is currently on sale for

$99 USD | €88.69 EUR

You can demo the plug-in here


The Objeq Delay is available for Mac and PC in both 32 and 64-bit

In the following formats (AU, AAX Native, VST)

Extremely flexible and powerful delay that offers much more than what you would likely purchase it for.
  • Useable in subtle to extreme situations
  • Powerful Module Sections (LFO, Filter) that stand alone by themselves
  • Unique Acoustic Object Modeling
  • Not enough Objects to choose from
  • Can't change bit depth or delay type
  • Library not extensive enough

4 of 5

4 of 5

4 of 5

4 of 5

5 of 5

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Joel Gragg

Joel is a songwriter, guitarist and producer in Nashville, TN. His music interests range from Folk/Americana to Electronic and Electroacoustic Composition. Formerly an Audio Consultant for Sweetwater Sound and Technical Support agent for Yamaha/Steinberg he currently teaches Music Technology at Trevecca Nazarene University and is a freelance engineer and producer.  Joel has engineered sessions with members of John Mellencamp’s band and The Fray. You can follow his music on Soundcloud or Facebook.

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