Ableton Live 10 Arrives Ableton Live 10 Arrives
Ableton Live 10 Arrives
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Newly Spec'd up Ableton 10 comes out Swingin'

Ableton have hit 2018 running with the new Live 10. To say this update has been long awaited by millions of users around the world would be an understatement. As well as a solid looking new synth called Wavetable (a little Native response to the rampant bloodletting from Serum/Massive/Avenger etc) there are some very fresh looking plugins. Echo is one that is sure to stand out – even though live has always had excellent delays this style of vintage Echo is very desirable. Add to that a Drum Buss plugin to beef up your (drum group signal), a new fuzz stomp box and the soaking up of the (traditionally separate) Max 4 Live into the hard-coding of Live and you have a very sophisticated set of creative tools for writing and producing. There are so many refinements and tweaks to the overall workflow that it will make even power-users happy.

Here are some of the most notable: 1). Multi-Midi Clip Editing For many this has been a long standing ‘wish’. Multiple clips can now populate the edit window with their different colors enabling you to edit each in relation to the others – great for composers. 2). Groups Within Groups A seemingly innocuous addition that will definitely have a huge impact on anyone trying to piece together a serious mix in Live – or anyone that just likes to be organised. Note Chasing Now live will play your midi from anywhere not just from the trigger point. This is incredible news for anyone who’s ever waited 16 bars for the ‘One’… On top of this the already excellent Core library has been updated (including some multi-sampled instruments) and neat freaks will love the new Live browser. Look out for our upcoming review of Ableton Live 10

                    Ableton Live 10 is available for purchase now from here and at local retailers.

Download versions of Ableton Live 10 cost:
$99USD for Live Intro,
$449 USD for Live Standard
$749 USD for Live Suite.

Boxed versions of Ableton Live 10 cost:
$99USD for Live Intro,
$499 USD for Live Standard
$799 USD for Live Suite.

Look out for our review - COMING SOON.

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