BRA SC-5 Blackface Now Available BRA SC-5 Blackface Now Available
The Black Rooster Audio SC-5 Blackface vintage VCA compressor has finally arrived to join it's Blueface bredren. BRA SC-5 Blackface Now Available
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Black Rooster Audio Release 80's VCA Compressor

The Blueface SC-5 (read our review here) has finally been joined by it’s politically incorrect brother, the Blackface. Both pieces are what German craftsmen, Black Rooster Audio term ‘faithful’ emulations of two vintage and very underrated VCA compressors from the late 70s and the mid-80s. With their dual-release behavior and subtle saturation, both compressors are very well suited  to extremely dynamic material with the company hinting that the Blackface is perhaps better suited to vocal work. With the

Blackface comes the addition of an external sidechain input and the same, right click powered Auto Gain Compensation as the Blueface. The Blackface SC-5 is a feedback compressor design that prevents a change in behaviour when utilizing its sidechain by treating that input as a normal audio signal, whilst the resulting control voltage is fed into a mirror VCA that modulates the audio signal, allowing feed-back operation to be retained in both normal and ext sidechain modes.

Introductory Offer:

Both plug-ins can be purchased for an introductory offer of $49 USD | €45 Euro

Regular price is $79 for the Blueface SC-5 and $89 USD | €82 Euro for the Blackface SC-5.

Upgrades / Crossgrades:

Existing Blueface SC-5 users can crossgrade their Blueface SC-5 license into a Blackface SC-5 one for free (please contact us via or upgrade adding a Blackface SC-5 license for $29 USD | €27 Euro

using the blackface_sc5_upgrade voucher code. 

Bundled purchase: New users can purchase both plug-ins for $78 using the black_to_blue voucher code.

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