Empirical Labs Arousor: Revision 2.0 + $100 Off Sale Empirical Labs Arousor: Revision 2.0 + $100 Off Sale
Empirical Labs Arousor: Revision 2.0 + $100 Off Sale
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ELI Arousor gets Rev 2.0 Update

The closest thing you can get to an authentic Distressor plugin just got a serious overhaul for Mac, with full PC support coming in about a month. Empirical Lab’s own Arousor, though not a 1:1 clone, is easily the closest you can get to the legendary compressor and saturation unit “in the box”. In addition to some graphical/interface upgrades and easier to read (and control) parameter markings, the metering itself received a much-appreciated upgrade. Being that before I always felt like I had to drive the Arousor a little harder and compress a little more to match a Distressor’s processing, it’s now much closer to it’s inspiration. AAX-DSP has also been added, which is a very welcome addition for serious Pro Tools users who can also look forward to deeper D-Command integration. One of the most significant upgrades comes from rev 2.0 uses only 1/3 the CPU of the original, making it much easier to liberally spackle Arousor all over your drums, guitars

and vocals. ELI has also created a preset sharing function to make cross DAW (or even email) plugin sharing much simpler, getting the ball rolling with presets from some world-renowned engineers. While this plugin already had features not present with the hardware, an “expert panel” was added to the wet/dry parallel section. Not only does it let you blend wet and dry signals like before, but it gives users access to a ‘Trim’ knob to control the exact level of the dry signal down to .1dB. With promises of many more “expert panels” to come, free upgrades are promised until 2020 – something other companies should learn from. The purchase also includes 2 full licenses so you aren’t stuck to only using a single computer or iLok (though understandably, they must stay on the same account). The infinitely useful detector circuit’s Q is also tweakable down to .01 now, making it that much more surgical if need be.

Sure to entice first time buyers is the $100 off sale, running ’till 09/30/17, bringing the grand total from $350 to $250. Current owners of Arousor version 1.0 needn’t worry about losing settings on current or past mixes, as revision 2.0 is fully backwards compatible.

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