Focal Announce new Shape Line Monitors Focal Announce new Shape Line Monitors
French hi-fi powerhouse, Focal recently released a stunning new series of pro audio nearfield monitors, the Shape line. Focal Announce new Shape Line Monitors
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French hi-fi powerhouse, Focal recently released a stunning new series of pro audio nearfield monitors, the Shape line. These beautiful looking and almost definitely beautiful sounding monitors come in three sizes / varieties: Shape 40, Shape 50, and the flagship of the line, Shape 65.  All 3 are chock full of innovation and feature a double passive radiator, one on the left and one on the right side of each model, allowing you to place the monitors near a wall without fear of proximity effect – as well as extending the low end response.

This is done in place of your typical bass port. The new tweeter extends to 35KHz (+-3dB) on all three models, and is also designed with low directivity, leaving you with a much wider “sweet spot” whilst mixing. Another innovation is the flax sandwich cone below the tweeter, which was created to reproduce “controlled and articulate bass, natural and detailed lower mid range and upper mid range registers”. In order of 40, 50, and 65, the driver size is, as expected, 4”, 5”, and 6.5”, with a bass response quoted at 60Hz, 50Hz, and 40Hz (+-3dB) respectively.

The last two major innovations are something they call TMD, or Tuned Mass Damper, to make the crucial frequency response between 1Khz and 2Khz ultra linear, and finally NIC (Neutral Inductance), which ensures an extremely stable magnetic field reducing distortion by nearly 70% compared to last generation’s W midrange driver, whilst also improving transient response. Talk about a win, win situation. As the cherry on top, each monitor has a slew of features and contouring options on the back, allowing you to adjust and tailor the Shape’s response to perfectly fit your room. Plus, they look gorgeous. This new line is currently on sale and shipping. To find the best way to make them yours or for more info, feel free to use the links below.

Price Per Pair:

Shape 40: $1098 USD | €1098 Euro, Shape 50: $1498 USD | €1498 Euro, Shape 65: $1798 USD | €1798 Euro

For More info look here.

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