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Newfangled Audio's extraordinary new EQ matching plugin EQuivocate isavailable for FREE until October 1st. FREE Newfangled Audio plugin
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Newfangled Audio Grab Attention with new EQuivocate

In a surprise announcement, former Eventide DSP engineer Dan Gillespie (founder of Newfangled Audio) this morning announced that extraordinary new EQ matching plugin EQuivocate will be available for FREE until October 1st. EQuivocate uses 26 frequency bands from what is known as the Mel Spectrum and can match any reference EQ curve

These Mel Spectrum, linear-phase filters are modeled with human hearing in mind with every one of the 26 bands aimed at stimulating a particular part of the inner ear. The idea behind EQuivocate was to make the sound as natural as possible whilst also offering a very useful Match EQ function to help tailor Mixes and Masters.

There are three, different color GUI’s included.

The Newfangled Audio EQuivocate Equalizer is available as an AAX, AU, VST2,, 32- and 64-bit native plug-in bundle for MacOS (10.7 and above) and Windows (7 and above) and will be priced at $99 USD, However this plugin is available for FREE until October 1st!

**EQuivocate uses iLok copy protection though no dongle is necessary. Download the latest client software here.

Find out more about Newfangled Audio here

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