Zenhiser 80’s Crush Review Zenhiser 80’s Crush Review
Kick a$$ 80's sample pack released by Zenhiser just in time to make some summer hits Zenhiser 80’s Crush Review 4.5
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Dope 80's Sample Pack Released

As the saying goes, there’s only two things come from Noosa, Australia – and that’s yoghurt and bangin’ samples packs. Well Zenhiser are certainly responsible for one of the two. Downloadable in two rather large .zip files the pack is very well laid out and weighs in at a hefty 3.2GB. Part One is Songstarter Kits which everybody loves

because they get you vibed up. With key and bpm info right there on the folder and file you don’t have to think too hard when kicking off a project and, after auditioning the files one after another it was clear 80’s crush is about juicy, sequenced, Moog style basses, slinky pads and even some 10cc ‘I’m not in love’ wall of vocal flavors.

“80’s Crush is insanely accurate to the genre yet still fun and creatively satisfying to use.”

In case you were wondering, the level of finishing and quality of mixing in this pack is top banana. 80’s Crush is insanely accurate to the genre yet still fun and creatively satisfying to use. Carrying on through part two you are greeted by a throwback candy store of fairly epic proportions. One of my favorite things to do in a situation like this is to to load up multiple drum racks in Ableton and dump the contents of each of the Kicks, Hi Hats, Snares, Percussion, Cymbals, and Toms folders into their own rack. That way you can access these gems when you’re right in the cut. The drums on 80’s Crush are worth the fifty bucks on their own.

“The drums on 80’s Crush are worth the fifty bucks on their own.”

As you audition each drum folder you’ll come across One Shot hits that are so recognizable that they will bring a tear to your your eye and fill you with inspiration. In truth, the 80’s never went away – it’s how you recycle your favorite

bits that matter and to this end Zenhiser have you covered. The kicks, snares and toms are just so usable and perfect for spicing up all kinds of genres – even G-House or Tech. If you’re not sure what to do with them, then

just open the ’80SCRUSH – Loops – Drum Beats’ folder and you’ll be accosted with 225 reasons to start your own creative process. Zenhiser’s own beat ideas range from 60-128bpm and will surely set the mode.


“just open the ‘Drum Beats’ folder and you’ll be accosted with 225 different reasons to start your own creative process.”

Let’s not forget about all the great synth work on 80’s Crush though. There are some very thought provoking and (Juno/Jupiter/Moog/DX-7 etc) legit sounding synth lines in a folder with some really cool guitar parts that should inspire anyone to start putting a Wavy Boy masterpiece together. The

one thing I was not over-awed by was the One Shot Synth folder which seemed less equipped than all the other areas of 80’s Crush. I’m sure it’ll be useful to many people but it reminded me of someone who turns up to a slamming party a dollar short and a day late.


If you’re looking for a creative, 80’s themed pack to start some songs and give you a bunch of useful midi lines to attach your own synths to then this is your guy. For me, I think the beauty of 80’s Crush was it’s unadvertised use as one of the best 80’s Drum Expander packs you’ll ever hear. Zenhiser are so serious about their 80’s, it almost made me feel like a slacker.

Price and Availability

Zenhiser 80’s Crush is available for $49.41 USD here .

Genre: 80s | Downtempo | Chill | House
Files – audio: 520
Files – midi: 57
Type – audio: 24-Bit Wav
zip size: 3.2GB
Key Info: Yes
Bpm: 60bpm – 128bpm

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