Some NAMM 2019 Announcements

Some of the hot new gear on display at this year’s NAMM show

New SSL Native V6 Plugins Released

Solid State Logic’s legendary Duende plugins have been updated to version 6 and are available right now.

Famed DJ and Producer Avicii Found Dead

Uber famous electronic music DJ and Producer, Avicii found dead

New Audio Damage Plugin

According to Audio Damage, their new plugin ‘Grind’, is notable for two reasons. Number one (and probably the most important) is that it is an “Audio Mangling Powerhouse” that “puts the Damage in Audio Damage”.

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Studio Rack Is Here

Studio Rack is another power move for the innovative developers who were the first ever to make their plugins available on layaway.

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Impact Soundworks’ Super Audio Boy Is Free

The Nintendo Game Boy is the first choice of most musicians in the Chiptune scene, thanks to it’s LSDJ cartridge which allows nerds direct access to the legendary 8 bit sound chip.

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Eden WT800 Bass Amp for UAD

Widely considered to be one of the all-time classic bass pieces the WT800 bass amp has been fully endorsed and authenticated by Eden, the original manufacturer.

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Landr Gets Summer Revamp

With more tracks mastered per year than all other mastering houses in the USA and Europe combined, LANDR now also features a robust suite of workflow tools for musicians.

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Syntronik Virtual Synth Available

IK Multimedia’s new virtual instrument, Syntronik is a standalone collection of seventeen classic synths that are available as a collection or as separate modules.

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Roland TR-808 Sneakers

These are officially the dankest pair of kicks to appear this year. The Mi Adidas TR-808 (Disturbing the Peace) shoes were created by Margo Neely from Neely and Daughters

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Softube Console 1 Mk II Confirmed

Console 1 Mk II always looked like a great idea but for many it has never been regarded as a serious option because of it’s one-of-a-kind nature and unproven status. Well that’s all changed now.

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Amethyst III Gets Core X

Acustica Audio have updated one of our favourite plugins to their new CORE X standard. Amethyst is widely accepted to be based on the famous Rupert Neve designed Amek M2500 console equalizer and Amek 9098 compressor.

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Linkin Park Releases ‘One More Light’

Linkin Park has long since drifted away from the nu-metal screeching of “Hybrid Theory”, in fact that’s been no secret since after their 2010 release ‘A Thousand Suns’.

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Streaming Generates $100m per Month

Contrary to what many artist’s believe, streaming has made up most of the industry’s revenue in recent years with Warners posting $300m profit this quarter.

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Celebrated Rock Talent Dies
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BRA SC-5 Blackface Now Available

The Black Rooster Audio SC-5 Blackface vintage VCA compressor has finally arrived to join it’s Blueface bredren.

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Robert Miles RIP

Robert Miles, creator of and producer of one of history’s most iconic Trance records ‘Children’ passes, aged 47.

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Audio Damage finally releases EOS 2

One of Electronic Dance Music’s favourite plugins the EOS 1 Algorithmic Reverb has just received a major update.

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New XILS-Lab Poly Moog Spied

Insane French C++ scientist, Xavier Oudin goes nadgers to the wall with the new Xils-Lab PolyM – a beautifully rendered reconstruction of the little known 70’s Poly Moog.

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Aston Starlight Now Shipping

What mic has a Class 2 laser beam on top of it? That would be the brand new Aston Starlight – read on to find out what other surprises are to be found in this boutique delicacy.

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Focal Announce new Shape Line Monitors

French hi-fi powerhouse, Focal recently released a stunning new series of pro audio nearfield monitors, the Shape line.

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D16 Tekturon Delay Unleashed

Ever-interesting Polish plugin developers, D16 Group have just released Tekturon – a multitap-delay effect for the twenty first century.

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Volko Release Free NTI Nightpro EQ3D Emulation

The Volko Q3D is an emulation of the hardware, NTI Nightpro EQ3D rack mount equalizer. This 6 band eq has an extremely wide Q, for broad strokes.

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Overloud Tapedesk Released

Tapedesk is a new plugin from Italian audio-gurus, Overloud. According to their blurb, it is “…a hyper-realistic simulation of a 2-inch 24-track world-class tape machine from a renowned studio in the UK.”

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Paramore Releases New SIngle

Paramore have just released the second single from their fifth and soon to be received album “After Laughter” today, along with a colorful music video.

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8Dio Insolidus Lyrical Choir Goes Beta

8Dio is offering Beta privileges to early adopters of massive new choir library Insolidus. The watermarked BETA will be offered to those who make an advance purchase.

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VSL Synchron Percussion Released

VSL have just released a 427GB collection of orchestral percussion instruments called Synchron Percussion I. This vast library was recorded on Stage A of the ultra hi-tech Synchron Stage, Vienna.

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Music Streaming Services Generate Most of Industry’s Revenue

With the release of the latest data from RIAA, the music industry sees the first double digit growth in almost 20 years.

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