The Killers Release New Album

The Killers released their fifth studio album, ‘Wonderful Wonderful’ today…

Arcade Fire Releases New Album

The celebrated six piece band from Montreal, Quebec, have just released their fifth, full length studio album on Columbia records entitled Everything Now. Read our review.

Imagine Dragons Evolve

Imagine Dragons have released their third studio album today through KIDinaKORNER and Interscope Records.

The Smiths releases 7″ etched with “Trump Will Kill America”

Morrissey fans have discovered a political message hidden in the copies of a limited edition 7-inch featuring two previously unreleased tracks.

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Riot Fest Announces 2017 Lineup

Riot Fest has just announced the first wave of bands that will be performing at the Chicago based festival Riot Fest this year.

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Reason 9.5 Gets VST compatability

Propellerheads finally allow 3rd party VST plugins into the Reason production environment with the introduction of Reason 9.5.

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Gorillaz’ Album “Humanz” Released

Gorillaz’ latest album “Humanz” is officially out and after almost six years of hiatus the band is back, banging on their chests and pummelling the political zeitgeist.

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354E Mastering Compressor Released

A gorgeous, multiband, Mid-Side mastering compressor form Plugin Alliance member, Lindell Audio. Based on the vintage Neve® 2254ETM diode bridge compressor, it is certainly a looker.

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AAS Objeq Delay Released

Objeq Delay is a completely new and unique creative effect plug-in that only AAS could dream up. Combining acoustic models with a sophisticated delay unit, analog filters, and an LFO, it represents an entirely new category of effects processing.

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Liquidsonics’ Seventh Heaven Released

LiquidSonics’ Fusion-IR powered ‘Seventh Heaven Professional’ is dedicated to the reproduction of the most sought after hardware reverb of this generation – the Bricasti M7.

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Gorillaz’ Beast Of A Collaboration!

Famed UK virtual pop band, Gorillaz are back with their fifth studio album and it’s packed full of surprising collaborations.

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Predator2 gets NKS®-support

Rob Papen Soundware has just announced that its popular Predator 2 soft synth will now support the Native Instruments’ Native Kontrol Standard (NKS®)

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A-101-2 Vactrol LPG Released

Softube have unleashed yet another module for their popular Modular synth plugin. The original LPG has been heralded for its ability to add a ‘lifelike and organic response and texture’ to modular synth patches.

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Peak Rider 2 Released

Peak Rider 2 from Impact Soundworks is an extremely powerful, dynamic sidechain plugin and is compatible with all AU, AAX, RTAS, and VST compatible DAW (Digital Audio Workstation) hosts that support sidechaining.

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Spitfire Phobos Released

UK-based developers Spitfire are calling BT PHOBOS a Polyconvolution Synthesizer. It’s conceived in close collaboration with Composer and electronic music pioneer BT (Brian Transeau).

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