Line 6 Helix Rack & Foot Controller Review

Does the Helix Rack push Line 6’s DNA to a new level?

Lewitt Authentica & Subzero Mic Review

APN was lucky enough to cop hold of the LCT 540 SubZero and the LCT 940 Authentica from Lewitt

Lynx Aurora(n) 1608 TB Review

The Lynx Aurora(n) is a vital component for today’s Home-Pro Engineer. APN takes a gander…

Roswell Pro Audio: Delphos Mic Review

There are certain microphones out there where the mere mention of their name inspires awe – is the new Roswell Delphos going to be one of them?

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Serpent Audio: Splice MKII SA76-500

Does Serpent Audio’s Splice MKII SA76-500 live up to the quality standards set by the original and legendary 1176LN?

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Thrill Kontakt Library Review

THRILL is a digital instrument library for creating & performing escalating soundscapes & atmospheres.

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The Killers Release New Album

The Killers released their fifth studio album, ‘Wonderful Wonderful’ today…

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Empirical Labs Arousor 2.0 Review

Is the new ELI Arousor the must-have plugin compressor for studio’s around the world, like it’s hardware cousin, the Distressor? APN finds out

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Arturia Keylab Essential 61 Review

Arturia’s new Keylab Essential MIDI controllers destroy the notion that the words ‘budget’ and ‘pro’ are mutually exclusive.

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Synchro Arts Revoice Pro 3 Review

APN’s Michael Frasinelli takes a look at the celebrated Revoice Pro 3 pitch and timing correction software

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Brainworx bx_console E & G Review

The emulation masters at Brainworx and Plugin Alliance have just released both E and G series SSL channel strips

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Arcade Fire Releases New Album

The celebrated six piece band from Montreal, Quebec, have just released their fifth, full length studio album on Columbia records entitled Everything Now. Read our review.

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Acustica Cobalt Bundle Mega-Review

Cobalt is an extraordinary bundle of mastering grade plugins from Acustica Audio. Michael Frasinelli breaks it all the way down.

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Sandman Pro Delay Review

What do you get when you pair a modern jack of all trades delay with the modular fx sections found in something like a Moog Voyager? Joel Gragg finds out.

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Soundiron Bontastic! Review

Soundiron’s Bontastic! Vintage Organ Series is modeled after the Bontempi B4 Electronic Table organ. Bontastic! offers two instruments, a chord organ and ambience.

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Bone Thugs Release “New Waves”
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Softube Tape Plugin Review

The problem with most plugin emulations is that, like a pair of tight, pink, zebra print, lycra leggings they are not subtle like real tape actually is. Softube’s new tape plugin is the opposite.

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reFX Nexus 2 Review

With ‘edc’ upon us, Nexus is now in it’s seventh year and second incarnation. Does the original EDM bruiser still have the juice?

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Seventh Heaven Pro Reverb Review

UK developers LiquidSonics have long been held in high regard for their excellent convolution plugin Reverberate. For 2017 though, they decided to offer something new and very special – a Bricasti M7 replica.

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VPS Avenger Expansions Review

You can always trust Vengeance-sound to spoil you for choice when it comes to sound banks or expansion packs for their  vsti’s. Here are the seven XPs for Avenger.

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Lindell 354E Mastering Compressor Review

the 354e looks like it could be a dream prescription for the ITB Mastering community. A multiband, mid/side capable, sidechain HPF featured, mix knob equipped, 3 compression mode monster of a compressor plugin.

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AAS Objeq Delay Review

Applied Acoustics (AAS) have really done something quite unique with their release of the modeling based Objeq Delay plug-in.

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Serpent Audio SB4001 Review

The original SSL uses quad VCA chips per channel in parallel, plus two in sidechain. It also had DBX 202 VCA chips, the best VCAs of their time – but times have changed…

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BRA SC-5 VCA Compressor Review

Black Rooster Audio’s SC-5 VCA compressor pays homage to the 70’s version of Ashly’s SC-50 Blueface compressor which has long been coveted by engineers for its versatility and unique musicality.

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Scarbee Classic EP-88s Review

The Fender Rhodes piano must be right up there as one of the most emulated instruments in the history of electronic music. Enter the Scarbee Classic EP-88s…

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Audified TNT Voice Executor Review

The TNT Voice Executor can’t get much easier. You open it up, and choose from a variety of 35 predetermined presets under four categories: Rap, Vocals, Speech, and Special.

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Synapse Audio Legend Review

No synth in history has been more widely used, abused, poked, prodded, copied, cloned or imitated than the venerable Minimoog Model D.

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BRA VEQ-5 Mid-Range EQ Review

Black Rooster Audio’s VEQ-5 is faithfully modeled after the legendary Pultec MEQ-5 Program Equalizer. Unlike its full range sibling the Pultec EQP-1A,. It’s an excellent choice for guitars, (acoustic and electric) vocals, upright bass and snare, as well as any other instrument occupying that sonic space.

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