Plugin Alliance Pick Pack Deal Plugin Alliance Pick Pack Deal
Plugin subscription services are becoming more popular, here is one of the first rent to own programs. Plugin Alliance Pick Pack Deal

Any 10 Plugin Alliance Options, Rent to Own!

In an age where plugin subscription services are becoming more and more popular, one seemingly more logical solution is not nearly as prominent yet; plugin rent to own programs. For $29 a month for a total of 29 months, you are now able to download any 10 products from the Plugin Alliance website and after the 29th month of payment ($841 total), you own them all. Considering when I went through and selected 10 plugins to get an idea of how it all worked that the savings surpassed $1,700, this is likely one of the best deals in pro audio as

far as purchasing new software. And when I say any of their plugins they distribute are available, I mean any of them, regardless of the developer or price. As long as it is currently distributed through Plugin Alliance, it is available in the Pick Pack. Not only does this make the astoundingly high quality products from Plugin Alliance more accessible for every engineer, producer, and studio owner; both aspiring and professional; but also allows you to work towards the goal of outright owning them all. Which again, overall makes for an extreme discount.

To start building your own bundle of 10 plugins, click here, make an account (if you have yet to), and create your dream Pick Pack.

Please check the compatibility of each individual plugin you select, as they differ from product to product.

Michael Frasinelli

Studio Owner, Audio Engineer, and Producer based in Nashville, TN, mentored by and working closely with Grammy Award winning Producer, Engineer, and Musician Randy Kohrs. Highly active analog gear habit, with a plugin hobby on the side. DIY audio enthusiast with an interest in all things circuitry.


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