Some NAMM 2019 Announcements Some NAMM 2019 Announcements
Some of the hot new gear on display at this year's NAMM show Some NAMM 2019 Announcements

A Quick Look At Some Of The Must-Have Studio Gear From This Year's NAMM Show

Behringer Crave $199 Semi Modular Analog Synth

In a surprise move Behringer showed us Crave, which is a semi-modular analogue synth that’ll retail for an unbelievable $199. Using a genuine 3340 analogue oscillator, (as seen in the super high end, multi thousand dollar Sequential Circuits Prophet-5).


the synth also features a 16-voice poly chain, an analogue patch bay that enables linking external analogue or Eurorack units and a 32-step sequencer.

Watch the video below to see more.

More information on the Behringer Crave  available here 

Strymon Volante

The Strymon sound is becoming legendary to a wider audience and the Volante echo box piqued our interest this year. According to Strymon sound designer Pete Celi, the goal was to create a pedal that houses all three original methods of delay –

tape, drum and reel-to-reel machines. When TAPE is you choice for a cleaner sound then you know it’s Vintage echo box you actually need!

Watch the video below to see more.

More information on the Strymon Volante Vintage Magnetic Echo Machine available here

Korg Volca Drum

Volca Drum is an exciting new addition to the Korg family. Overtones and distortion are added to a simple, trigger waveform, Whilst a resonator effect brings movement and extra harmonics to the table. Volca Drum has a six-part DSP

synth engine and is capable of generating a very wide range of unique sounds. which you then sequence from the tiny sequencer strip, Volca Style.

Watch the video below to see more.

More information on Korg’s Volca Drum  available here

Nektar's Bolt VSTi

Nektar BOLT showcasing as interesting take on sound generation. Nektar say it’s the first ‘Harmonics’ Synthesizer available as a VSTi. Bolt has unique Harmonics oscillators that can provide anything from vanilla sine waves to overtone-rich pulse chains. BOLT’s GUI is designed

to encourage sound design and other types of extreme nerd bahaviour. Quoting Nektar directly “No filter required – it all happens right in the oscillator.” Sounds very interesting – we’ll keep you updated.

Watch the video below to see more.

More information on Nektar’s Bolt VSTi   available here

Arturia announce full AudioFuse range

Arturia’s AudioFuse Studio is an 18-in, 20-out audio interface, jam-packed with useful features, for which Arturia are making some very bold claims regarding it’s sound quality. For $999 it has a fantastically compact but accessible form factor for those with limited desk real estate and it’s Bluetooth equipped which is a move in the right direction for the industry.

The Arturia AudioFuse 8Pre is a dual-mode interface, ADAT expander with 8 analog audio channels, USB-C, optical connectivity and a reasonable $799 tag.

Watch the video below to see more.

More information on Arturia’s AudioFuse range available here

Arturia MicroFreak Synth

Somewhat reminiscent of the bastard child of a WASP and Buchla, Arturia’s new, four voice MicroFreak synth boasts both polyphonic aftertouch and intriguingly a 12dB, Oberheim style  SEM analog filter. MicroFreak is very well

catered for and a quick glance at the back panel reveals MIDI, Clock, CV/Gate, Pitch Out, Pressure Out, and even USB. Price? $299 USD.

Watch the video below to see more.

More information on Arturia’s MicroFreak Synth available here

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